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High aesthetics transcends trends. 

Aesthetics is both subjective and objective. Objectivity is guaranteed through Haircut Metrics. Subjectivity is observed through complete focus on each client. Minos focuses on each woman aiming to create an exclusive haircut. Measured, proportioned and adapted to her physique, style and personality.  

Haircut meets high aesthetics.


This describes Minos' creative universe, which is influenced by his studies, not only in hairdressing but also in music, photography, filmmaking, modern arts, linear and free drawing and his research in face and body anatomy metrics, geometry, mathematics, architecture, fashion and psychology, guided by the most distinguished scientists and artists in their field.


In his 30 years of experience, he has served more than 7.000 women and trained more than 100 active hairdressers. 


Minos is based in Athens but operates globally, upon request.

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