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With more than 25 years of research in his career, Minos has established the term Haircut Design and Haircut Designer. Being recognized with this title by a university and having the copyright of the foundation of Haircut Design and the definition of the Haircut Designer he is the only one that can certify Haircut Designers and Haircut Design Instructors.


Haircut Design is the design of a haircut, which is created in the mind of the Haircut Designer, then imprinted on paper (either with a line drawing and / or 3D Haircut Design) and is implemented exclusively using the Α…Ω technique.

The whole process is done through the SFS method which involves the elicitation of the client's desire through psychology and the adjustment of the haircut on the face and body of each woman, through prosopometry, somatometry, use of mathematics, geometry and other sciences.

The final result must approach the proportions of the ideal face and body, prevailing over past hairdressing rules, which aesthetically bound every woman from getting the haircut she desired and dreamt of. 

The sui generis result is, thus, created for this woman in exclusivity.



A Haircut Designer must have the knowledge required to create a Haircut Design, to imprint it in a line drawing and to implement it exclusively using the A…Ω technique.

In addition, he must possess the SFS method to be able to follow all the steps required to adjust the Haircut Design to the face, body and personality of his client.

He must be able with this knowledge to create Haircut Designs that in the future will be adapted and implemented to his clients as primary pre-designs (like prêt-à-porter) but also custom-made Haircut Designs designed for a single woman (like the Haute Couture). This knowledge must be accompanied by a corresponding certificate of their validity.

Copyright 2399/26.04.2016

Basic Haircut Design Seminar

  • Introduction to the Haircut Design

  • The SFS Method

  • Α…Ω Technique

  • Demonstration of theory and practical application

Duration: 6 hours

A certificate of participation is given

Advanced Haircut Design Seminar

  • The Rule of the Golden Ration in Haircut Design – Prosopometry, Somatometry

  • Specialized techniques

  • Fashion forecasting and production (study in fashion)

  • Avant Garde Haircut Designs

  • Methodology, Creation, Inspiration

  • Hair in arts and culture - the unlimited extensions of Haircut Design

  • The DaVinci Rule

Duration: 6 hours

A certificate of participation is given

TUC (2).jpg

Α…Ω Technique – Haircut Technique


Α) Demonstration – 6 models

Duration: 3 hours


Β) Demonstration from Minos 

  • Theory and Practice 

  • Step by step practice for up to 6 persons

Duration: 5 hours


A certificate of participation is given

Upon further seminars and exam, a diploma is provided.


The above seminars can be also be held personal. 

Haircut Designer training and certification

Theory and practice


Duration: two semesters

Haircut Designer certificate given

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