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A perfect long-lasting haircut, measured and adapted especially for you. 

During the first appointment personalized measurements of the face metrics are made in proportion to the body, based on the twelve basic metrics of the portrait.  On top of that you will benefit from a full one to one consultation with Minos, where you may describe your wishes about your hair.


Upon request and with additional extremely detailed metrics, a perfect haircut complete with a haircut design by Minos, which will be handed to you, in order to ensure the 100% accurate remake of your haircut whenever you wish. This project requires one and a half hours with you and at least further four hours of work to be presented.



The ultimate haircut metrics, based on the analysis of metrics related to the whole body and aiming at showcasing body, hair and face thus, creating a brand new image.

This project requires three hours of your time, spread across two appointments and additional nine to twelve hours of work by Minos. 

The first appointment, which lasts 11/2 hours, is when the actual metrics are taken and extensive geometric and mathematical data as well as personality traits analytics will be collected. Minos will analyze all the collected data and then a second appointment will be arranged in order to carry out the Bespoke Haircut.


*These services can be carried out by Minos worldwide, upon request.

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